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My name is Glory Cumbow and I’m an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I’m happily married to my husband, Andy Cumbow. He’s talented, supportive, funny, and my favorite person to be around (probably good, since we’re married and all.) I’ll be honest, I’m a bit uncertain of who I am and where I’m going outside of that. Here’s what I do know:

  • I am passionate about the arts. I have a degree in theatre, and I love the stage. I enjoy art museums, orchestral and choral concerts, plays, musicals, poetry, and all things creative.
  • I love words: writing, reading, poetry. I want to write. I spent way too long writing in school: four years in undergrad and four years in seminary (graduate school.) I wrote pages and pages of academic work; but now I am writing what I want to write for myself.
  • I am a minister. Despite my deepest doubts, my angriest moments, and convincing myself I am leaving the faith, the Gospel of Jesus Christ draws me right back. I find joy (and frustration) in studying and teaching theology, scripture, compassion, peace, and justice. I try to run from this work, but it won’t quite let me get away.
  • I am unremarkable among millenials in the fact that I want to see the world. I did very little travel in my childhood, but on a whim in college I signed up for a trip to France. It changed me to the core. I was exposed to different food, culture, climate, language, history from all that I have known my entire life, and I knew that I needed to experience this in any context that I could. Although I’ve traveled internationally since then, I am not what I would call “well-traveled” yet; but that is my goal for both national and international travel.

This blog is my attempt to put together the different pieces of me and see who I am. A very traditional path to ministry, creativity, and vocation has been laid out for me: bachelor’s with a double major in theatre and religious studies with a minor in youth ministry, a year taken off from study to do nonprofit work and youth ministry, four years of seminary and earning two master’s in divinity and practical theology, more years of youth ministry and nonprofit during my time of study, then graduating, getting ordained, and becoming a pastor.

Very straight-forward and how it’s “supposed” to be, right? I have “arrived” and have everything that I had trained for and planned for, right? I’m not so sure about that. This is a blog of self-discovery as I wander about the world, trying to find some belonging. This is Sacred Steps, a journey through a theological lens that I want to share with you.


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