Breath for the Breathless: Liturgy for Life’s Difficult Seasons

When our communities are shaken by school shootings and natural disasters, ministry leaders are first on the scene to care for the people. Churches and worshiping bodies are frequently searching for ways to participate in social justice to stand in solidarity with their neighbors. We often find ourselves speechless when we learn that people within our own pews are silently living without support for mental illness or abusive relationships. Breath for the Breathless offers liturgies in response to the difficult seasons we face. These worship services and prayers are fully prepared so that pastors, Christian educators, chaplains, and ministry leaders can be equipped with the liturgy they need in a crisis. This is the resource faith leaders want on their shelf so they can spend more time on pastoral care and less time on worship preparation. May these words help faith communities pause, unite, and catch their breath. 

Who May Dwell on Your Holy Hill?

If you enjoy digging deeper into scriptures, reflecting theologically, and reading stories to grow your faith, then I believe you’ll enjoy this collection of sermons. This is a book of 22 sermons that reflect on the Old and the New Testament, spanning the scriptures to provide diverse voices on God’s work in the world. There’s something for everyone here from joy to pain and sadness, from social justice issues to prayer and faith practices, from profound to lighthearted. I hope The Holy Spirit speaks to you through these sermons.

Individual Poems:

My poem, “Hush”, has been featured in the Charlotte Poetry Review.

My poem, “Chiseled”, has been published with In Parentheses Magazine.

Bards Against Hunger published my poem, “Frame.”

Academy of the Heart and Mind published 4 of my poems, “Look Up”, “Conversations Worth Having”, “Narrowly Avoided”, and “It Doesn’t Translate.”


She is Someone

I published an article for Fidelia Magazine, run by Young Clergy Women International. It’s about being young, female, ordained, and married. I’m asked about my husband…a LOT. Here’s my theological reflection. Give it a read and a share!


I published this article with Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice. It’s a personal reflection on my faith journey and setting boundaries for my own mental wellbeing.